Recent Visual Pursuits Changes

January 2015

Fractional Scores

You may now specify the number of decimal positions allowed in scores, permitting fractional scores. This is specified on the Manage Competition Types page.

Fixed Page Widths

On your Organization Profile you can now set a fixed page width to be used on most of your pages on your website. The default width of zero uses the full browser width.

December 2014

Duplicate Titles

If you upload an image with a title that duplicates an existing image, the Image Id will be automatically appended to the title to make it unique instead of rejecting the upload.

November 2014

Gallery Transitions

You can now specify different transitions to use for a Gallery when you transition from one image to the next.

Image Competition Manager 3

A new version of the Image Competition Manager is available with many new features, improved reliability, and improved performance. You are required to switch from ICM 2 to ICM 3 by February 1, 2015. We are expecting to turn off the ability to use ICM 2 on that date.

There are numerous new videos on the use of ICM 3 that can be viewed via the Help menu on your website of via the Help tab on ICM 3.

There are some important differences between ICM 2 and ICM 3.

  • ICM 3 requires that all users and competitions are configured using your Visual Pursuits website.
  • You cannot create or alter user accounts, competition types, competition groups, or competitions with ICM 3. These items must be configured on your website.
  • The full range of limits and values in Award Sets are used by ICM 3, so we recommend watching the video on Award Sets.
  • Limits on scores are enforced, so review the limits you set on your Manage Competition Types page.
  • ICM 3 will not run on Windows XP. All later versions of Windows are supported.

ICM 3 can coexist with ICM 2, so you can use both programs until you are familiar with the new version. You must not make changes with both programs at the same time, however. Synchronize each program with the website before switching to the other program. You can also delete the ICM 3 database on your computer to start over. ICM 2 and ICM 3 must use different folder locations.

You start the install and setup process from the page http://www.visualpursuits.com/ICM/download3.shtml. Please watch the video on installing and setting up for the first time.

September 2014

Increased Storage

All subscription levels have been enhanced by increasing the storage usage allowed for each subscription by 20%. Most organization can store full HD images for several years of competitions without exceeding their storage limit.

July 2014

Embedded Galleries on Custom Pages

Premium Subscribers can create custom pages and menus. This new feature allows you to embed a gallery on the page, just like the one you are used to on your home page.

You could always use a link to a gallery, which is how you would display a full page gallery. This new option allows a small gallery to display on the page. Just like the home page gallery, a user can click on the images to display larger versions.

To display a gallery you need to place a variable in the location on your page where the gallery should appear. It takes the format %Gallery-[GalleryId]%, where the GalleryId comes from the link should on the Manage Galleries page. For example, %Gallery-6281952c-3bb3-44c8-aca1-4ee4a77d4d90% would be placed on your page.

A number of new options are now available on the My Galleries page. Use the "Edit Options" button for a gallery to change these options. One useful option is to place the gallery on the left or right side of your custom page, allowing text to flow around the gallery.

June 2014

Limits by Competition Group

You can now specify a limit on the number of images a member can submit over multiple competitions within a Competition Group. This only applies to competitions immediately below the group and not to subgroups. The ICM 2 program does not enforce this limit, but it is enforced when submitting image via the website and with the ICM 3 program.

April 2014

Gallery Enhancements

The "My Galleries" and "Manage Galleries" pages have been updated to allow categories to be assigned to galleries.

You can now specify a link to a webpage or document that should be associated with a gallery. This could be used to provide details on what the gallery represents or information on how the images were created.

Content Managers can now manage galleries. Previously only website Administrators could manage galleries. Administrators have the implied role of Content Manager.

March 2014

Categories for News Articles

The "News and Information" page has been updated to allow categories to be assigned to articles. While this page is used for both displaying a list of articles for the public and members, it also allows editing of articles if viewed by a user with the "Events Manager" role.

February 2014

PayPal Payment Support

Premium subscribers may now use their own PayPal accounts to collect payments from their website users. Use the new menu "Administration", "Manage PayPal Buttons" to save button definitions you created with your PayPal account. Instructions are on the webpage for inserting your button definition into a webpage.

December 2013

Image Library Upgraded

Improvements were made to the Image Library pages to improve performance and to allow multiple changes and deletes at once time.

November 2013

Home Page Gallery Upgraded

The gallery display for the home page was upgraded to provide more functionality, matching the features in other galleries on the website.

Title Option

An option was added to the competition definition page to hide title from judges. This is only effective for Website Judging.

October 2013

Menu Links

Premium subscribers can how specify links for menu items as well as page content. Links can be useful if you want a menu item to immediately download a document or link to a different website.

Calendar Enhancements

The default view for the organization calendar has changed to "Agenda". You can still display the old calendar form my clicking "Month" at the top of the page. New buttons let you export the calendar to Outlook, Google, or other calendars. The old event list has been eliminated since the Agenda view duplicates that usage.

September 2013

Galleries and Competition Results

Significant enhancements were made to the display of Galleries and competition results. The new slide show displays thumbnails and has a full screen mode.

Resource Links

You can now place your resource links into categories. Resource Links are managed by the website menu "Administration", "Manage Resource Links".

June 2013

Now Visual Pursuits

We have changed our name from Photo CLub Services to Visual Pursuits. You may see both names displayed until our conversion is complete. The service continues to be developed and supported by Software Pursuits. This is only a name change.

Submissions in Closed Competitions

The "Submit Images to a Competition" page will now let you select closed competitions. This allows you to view the images you may have submitted to that competition and allows you to print labels to attach to prints, even though the competition deadline has passed.

Website Image Import into Competitions

A Competition Manager can now import images for any user directly into a competition. While this is not advised in most circumstances, this feature could be useful if you are reconstructing historical competitions.

To use this feature, use one of the "Manage COmpetitions" pages to locate your competition. Use the "Images" button to display all the images in the competition. At the bottom of the page you will find a button labeled "Upload or Catalog Images into Competition".

April 2013

New Themes Available

You may now chose to use several new themes to change to appearance of your website. New themes include: Glow, Silk, Simple, and Black Metro Touch.

Export from Competition Groups

Competition Managers may now export competition data from Competition Groups by using the "Images" button on any group. This displays a list of the images in the competitions. If you use the "Export to Excel" button additional columns are added to create a spreadsheet with all of the competition data.

Judging Score Audit

Competition Managers may also use the "Images" button for a Competition or Competition Group to review the scoring used by judges using the Website Judging feature. A new column is displayed should the individual scores and rankings.

Customized Auto-Messages

You may now customize certain e-mail messages that are automatically sent to members in certain situations, such as registering for an event. You customize these e-mail messages using the website menu "Administration", "Manage Web Content".

March 2013

Custom Menus and Web Pages

Organizations with Premium Subscriptions can new override any of the normal website menus and may also provide their own custom web pages. Use the menu "Administration", "Manage Menus" to add content pages or to change the menu text for system pages.

You do not need to know or use HTML coding to use custom pages, but HTML can be utilized for maximum flexibility. The same standard editor used in other parts of the website can be used to create your custom pages.

Information on Premium Subscriptions can be found by using the Help menu on your website.

Touch Mode

If you access your website using a smart phone or tablet you may use a new button that appears at the top of each page to switch you into "touch mode". This will change the "theme" used to one with larger fonts, which should help with touch displays.

Group E-Mail

By default, when you send an e-mail to other members or to a group, the recipients cannot use "reply all" to the message because the recipients are in a "blind copy" list instead being listed in the "To" section. This is to protect privacy and an attempt to keep e-mail addresses private. Small clubs, however, may choose to allow all members to see the e-mail addresses of other members. This enables the ability to use "Reply All" to messages.

Labels by Group

Competition Managers can now print labels for prints by competition and competition group. This is done with the new "Labels" button on the Manage Competitions pages.

Suggestions Welcome

Have a need that is not being filled? Have a suggestion for improving the website or the Image Competition Manager program? We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please send your comments to Support@VisualPursuits.com.

Thanks for your support!

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